• minimum 4 weeks: $1000
  • additional weeks: $250 per week

Also, you should plan for the following additional expenses:

  1. Rent – $600-1500 per month, depending on location, amenities, etc.
  2. Malpractice insurance, if required.
  3. Health insurance, if necessary.


Step 1:

Download and complete PDF application form.

Attach these documents:

  1. Letter of good standing from school or medical diploma.
  2. CV/resume
  3. Passport photo / US driver license / state ID
  4. Proof of physical exam within 1 year – may be required
  5. Immunization records – Hepatits B, MMR and tetanus. Negative PPD result in the past 12 months. If this test is positive or you cannot get the PPD we require a report of negative chest x-ray within the past 12 months. – may be required
  6. Personal health insurance – optional
  7. HIPAA ( / OSHA ( – optional
  8. $250.00 non-refundable application or registration fee. You can pay via Paypal by clicking the “Buy Now” button below.

Scan and e-mail all the documents in one email to (at least 200dpi)

Step 2:

You will receive (within 1-2 weeks):

  • Acceptance letter
  • Contract (placement offer)
  • Invoice of payment

Follow the instruction on the invoice and make the payment. Read contract carefully and sign it. Email back to us the signed contract and proof of payment (credit card, wire transfer, cashier’s check or check from US bank)

Step 3:

Once we confirm your payment, you will receive:

  • Invitation letter (which you will bring to embassy to apply for visa)
  • Information packets (housing, bank, address, exhibit A …)
  • If you are already in US and have a valid visa, please go to step 6.

Step 4:

Apply for visa. Go to

Step 5:

  • Arrange your housing and transportation
  • You will receive the name and address of the doctor within 7 days before your clinical rotation or externship starts.

Step 6:

Congratulations! You are on your way to gaining US clinical experience.

In case of cancellation, all fees except $250 USD application fee will be refunded if you notify us more than 30 days before your clinical rotation or externship start date.