John Philip Khalil
November 2017

“It is quite rare to find a clerkship that successfully balances top-class teaching, clinical exposure, and patient interaction, all in a seamless manner. For this reason, Dr. Monteverde’s clinical rotation exceeded my expectations, while providing a thoroughly enjoyable and invaluable learning experience. You would be hard-pressed to find a physician with a stronger, more compassionate relationship with their patients, or who is more generous with their time to the students, than Dr. John Monteverde.”


Vera Kazakova
July 2017

“Under Dr. Monteverde’s supervision, I’ve strengthened my physical exam and history taking skills, I’ve had an opportunity to perform ECG and phlebotomy, participate in US doppler, Stress Test and ECG analysis. Dr. Monteverde gave lectures where he discussed the latest approaches to patient care and cases from his practice as well as introduced his students to the world of Interventional Cardiology.

I matched to St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Boston, which was the #1 program on my rank list.”


Jaehyeon Park
June 2017

“Dr. Monteverde’s lectures at the end of the day helped connect medical knowledge learned from books to clinical scenarios. The lectures helped me understand more difficult topics by showing me easier ways to understand and remember information.”


Rohin Dhir
May 2017

“My elective with Dr. Monteverde gave me more opportunities to refine my clinical skills in the exam room, and provided exposure to some of the procedures of interventional cardiology. Coupling outpatient clinic with a didactic learning environment allowed us to apply what we learned in lecture directly to the clinical setting, as well as tailoring the lectures to what we saw in those same scenarios.”


Robert Reid
April 2017

“I completed 12 exciting and informative weeks of Internal Medicine with Dr. Monteverde. He also gave the most detailed, boards-preparing lectures that helped me a great deal.”


Mina Alsayyab
February 2017

“Dr. Monteverde was gracious, encouraging and a truly great teacher. He has an excellent breadth of knowledge and is able to elucidate the most complex concepts in the simplest ways. His rotation helped me expand upon my basic science knowledge as well as develop a clinical acumen that goes beyond the basic medical school curriculum. Dr. Monteverde’s enthusiasm for medicine and caring for his patients inspired me to apply into internal medicine residency.”


Nigam Patel
January 2017

“Dr. Monteverde is an extremely intelligent individual with a very humble and jovial nature who gives in his best to teach you, making this rotation one of a kind. The patient exposure was commendable, allowing me to learn a variety of pathologies, while the daily didactic lectures not only covered important aspects of Internal Medicine but also gave me some invaluable ‘life lessons.'”


Ahmed Qudaih
December 2016

“I worked in Norwegian American Hospital, as a resident (elective rotation) with hands-on duties as part of my current IM residency program back home. Perfect place for academic success in safe and friendly environment. Personally, Dr. Monteverde goes extra miles for his students and residents in providing knowledge as well as bedside clinical teaching. My experience with Dr. Monteverde gave me opportunity to advance my personal and professional skills. Finally, Dr. Monteverde helped me in securing interview slots across the states in IM specialty. Super thankful.”


Karla Licona
December 2016

“Dr. Monteverde goes beyond teaching you the basics in the field of internal medicine and cardiology, he guides and prepares you on ways to comprehend the information as a resident and fellow level. He has been an excellent mentor, his enthusiasm and unique ways of teaching, plus his clinical experience and guidance was exemplary to me as a medical student.”


Manpreet Arora
November 2016

“I loved being able to get real hands on experience through my clinical rotation with Dr. John Monteverde. I have been able to learn so much by interacting with patients and getting direct input and feedback from him. I am glad that Dr. Monteverde put me on the right path for where I am headed in my medical career.”


Awais Farooq
September 2016

“In this clerkship students and I were afforded the full breath of hands on training and tutelage of clinical knowledge. Independent patient encounters were met with clinical management techniques taught by Dr. Monteverde. Question and answer sessions during lecture provided information on appropriate management for high yield scenarios as well as rare cases.

What was most beneficial was the ability to be comfortably ask any relevant questions and receive satisfactory answers regarding patient management. You didn’t have to feel embarrassed for not knowing.”


Manjusha Thenozhiyil
September 2016

“I am so excited to let you know that I matched successfully at St. Mary’s Hospital in St. Louis for IM.”



Wina Poriescha
March 2016

“Thank you for your excellent teachings. I’ve been matched to the University of Arizona Internal Medicine residency program.”



Dr. Swethika Harini Sundaravel
July 2015

“Dr. Monteverde is full of energy and his passion to work tirelessly make him better than his peers. His commitment towards teaching the students is impeccable.”

Matched March 2016 into Internal Medicine program at University of Miami/JFK Medical Center Palm Beach Regional GME Consortium



Rishi Ramkissoon
June 2015

Matched March 2016 to Maine-Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency


Mary Golingho
September 2014

“My externship experience has assimilated me to the US Healthcare system with the use of electronic medical record, learning about privacy of patient information and possible malpractice issues. I had the opportunity to write patient histories, perform physical exams and actively participate in the management of patients. This has improved not only my clinical decision making skills, but also my communication and interpersonal skills.

Dr. Monteverde explained complex materials in simpler and easier-to-remember ways. Clinical discussions have been interactive, interesting and stimulating for students to think critically.”

Accepted July 2015 to Family Medicine program at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center, Pennsylvania


Sharon Xia
November 2015

“Thank you for all the help and support during my application to the residency. I have accepted a prematch offer from the SUNY (State University of New York) pathology residency program.”


Dr. Ashley Anne Hunsuck
July 2015

“Thank you for your guidance and wisdom! I’m an Obstetrics and Gynecology intern at the Medical Center of Central Georgia / Mercer Program.”


Dr. Reshmi Adupa
July 2015

“The clinical experience and knowledge that I have earned are priceless. He not only teaches the concepts but also elucidates with more practical and complex cases, which is a rare opportunity.”


Francisco Perez
March 2015

Accepted to the Cleveland Clinic Internal Medicine Program in Weston, Florida for July 2015


Maggie Yongci Yu
Clerkship – McGill University, Montreal, November 2013
Residency – University of Toronto Internal Medicine, July 2015

“In the 20-week clinical rotation with you, I have gained immeasurable experience and clinical knowledge via caring for your patients under your direct supervision, observing over 100 cases of PCI, and via your informative daily lectures. It helped me tremendously in my preparation for USMLE step 2 CK/CS and MCCEE.

I would like to share the good news with you that I have been matched with the University of Toronto Internal Medicine program. I am very excited about this upcoming journey!”


Wei Xiang Wong
March 2015

Matched to University of Arizona College of Medicine Internal Medicine program


Huijun Li
March 2015

“I matched this year to the Wright Medical Center in Scranton, Pennsylvania. I am so happy with this result.

You really taught me a lot. And your strong letter of recommendation was a key to my success.”


Rabica Shahid
September 2013

“I have learned many skills and also improved my medical knowledge regarding internal medicine as well as general medical practice.  This rotation has provided me with a superb fund of knowledge, excellent problem-solving skills and boundless energy and critical clinical skills.”


Alan Davis
January 2014

“During the course of these 12 weeks, I learned a lot, not only with regards to internal medicine but also learned valuable pearls regarding overall primary care.  I had the chance to conduct physical exams on patients of various age groups, and chief complaints. I was given the opportunity to interview the patients and do the history and physical beforehand.

Doing the history and physical exams helped me enhance my patient interaction skills, as well as building a healthy rapport with the patient.  The end-of-day discussions were really helpful in reviewing different types of cases. The knowledge I acquired during those discussions helped me with studying the step 2 CK board exam.”


Dr. Xuxia Chen
Extern – China
January 2, 2013

“The full exposure of internal medicine experience gave me a great opportunity to gain practical skills and better understandings of what I have learned from the classroom. Furthermore, I valued my externship including a kind and supportive learning environment.”


Dr. Omar Stewart
(MD 2015), JD, MBA
December 2013

“I observed his transradial approach when performing procedures such as cardiac catheterization, coronary angioplasty and stenting. These new innovative techniques and procedures reduced recovery time, risk of death, risk of complication, and healthcare costs significantly. Dr. Monteverde effortlessly explains and simplifies complex concepts in a form that each student can relate to. Dr. Monteverde has consistently demonstrated a high caliber of expertise, continuously raising the standard and motivating his peers and medical students to strive for better.

Dr. Monteverde created an environment which is conducive to learning and allows students like me to experience case studies in a fun and challenging manner. Dr. Monteverde’s affability, availability and abilities make him a top notch doctor and instructor.”


Sahil Bawa
December 2013

“This is to thank you for your immense support and interest that you took in my training. The most important was hands on. The way you show confidence in the trainee doctor makes immense difference in his performance. The clinic discussions were impeccable.”